Embark on Strategic Conquest in Ara: History Untold

Embark on Strategic Conquest in Ara: History Untold

On September 24th, strategy game enthusiasts can look forward to embarking on a new journey with “Ara: History Untold.” This announcement was made during an exclusive segment of the Official Xbox Podcast by the team at Oxide Interactive. Players eager for deep, strategic gameplay can eagerly mark their calendars for the release of this grand strategy game, which will be accessible on multiple platforms, including Steam, the Microsoft Store, and via the PC Game Pass from day one.

Governing Nations and Legendary Leaders

“Ara: History Untold” promises a rich, turn-based strategy experience where players take the helm of a nation in a world that is tailor-made with each game. Instruction for gameplay involves not only amassing resources and traversing diverse biomes but also selecting from a roster of iconic leaders—or even designing a leader of your own. With a choice of historical figures like Sappho of Greece, America’s George Washington, and Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti, players will find various narratives to explore.

Build, Research, and Compete

It’s not just about expansion and exploration in “Ara: History Untold.” Players must also pay close attention to strategy on a granular level. This means constructing advantageous buildings and advancing through a tech tree, all while being mindful of rival nations. The game shines with its Prestige system, which rewards players for trying out different strategies, and a simultaneous turn system, which will streamline gameplay, putting all players’ actions into effect at the same time. More details are anticipated as the launch date approaches, inviting players to indulge in this compelling addition to the genre.

Given the context of the game “Ara: History Untold,” its placement in the grand strategy genre suggests numerous topics of interest that could be explored and various questions that are pertinent to enthusiasts of such games.

Key Questions:

What unique features does “Ara: History Untold” bring to the grand strategy genre?
“Ara: History Untold” introduces a rich narrative aspect by allowing players to choose or create iconic leaders, an innovative Prestige system that incentivizes diverse strategies, and a simultaneous turn system that aims to streamline multiplayer experiences.

How will “Ara: History Untold” balance historical accuracy with gameplay?
Balancing historical precision with engaging gameplay is always challenging. While the game features historical leaders, its procedurally generated world and the ability to custom-design a leader suggest that there will be a blend of factual elements with fictional or alternate-reality scenarios.

Key Challenges or Controversies:

Historical Representation: Games involving historical contexts often face scrutiny over how they represent different cultures, events, and figures. Ensuring respectful and accurate representation while still maintaining a fun game environment could be a challenge for the developers.

Game Balance: Strategy games are complex systems that must be carefully balanced to provide fair and engaging competition among players with different styles. Achieving this in “Ara: History Untold” will be essential for its success and longevity.


Rewarding Strategy Diversity: The Prestige system encourages players to experiment with a variety of strategic approaches.
Turn-Based with a Twist: The simultaneous turn system could reduce downtime between actions, especially in multiplayer sessions, enhancing the pace and appeal of the game.
Creative Freedom: The option to create a leader allows for a personalized gaming experience, potentially improving replayability.


Complexity for Newcomers: Grand strategy games can be daunting for newcomers due to their intricate mechanics and the depth of knowledge required to master them.
Niche Appeal: The specific focus on deep, strategic gameplay may not cater to casual gamers or those preferring action and immediate gratification.

For players interested in further exploring the grand strategy genre or looking for more information about “Ara: History Untold” from official sources, you may visit the following links:

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Please note that the provided links lead to the main homepages of these platforms, as more specific game details are expected to emerge closer to the launch date mentioned in the article.