Catch Interdimensional Creatures in Pokémon Go’s Ultra Beast Invasion

Catch Interdimensional Creatures in Pokémon Go’s Ultra Beast Invasion

Prepare for an extraordinary in-game adventure as Pokémon Go introduces an incredible opportunity for Trainers to encounter the elusive Ultra Beasts. From July 8th to July 13th, these mysterious entities will emerge in the game’s virtual world. Players can engage with these rare creatures during raids, undertake specific research tasks, and take on themed challenges to add them to their collections.

Daily, the game will cycle through various Ultra Beasts, offering them up in five-star raids for players around the globe. To add a layer of intrigue, certain beasts will only appear in specific hemispheres, providing a unique chase for regional players. Meanwhile, those who prefer a more structured challenge can turn to Timed Research missions, which will reward successful Trainers with encounters with these interdimensional Pokémon.

To aid players in their quest, the limit on Remote Raids has been lifted, allowing for unrestricted participation and increasing the chances of snagging an Ultra Beast. For fans looking to maximize their experience, an additional purchase option is available. The Inbound from Ultra Space ticket, priced at $5, provides a pass to exclusive quests offering an array of bonuses such as significant XP gains, doubled Stardust for winning Ultra Beast Raids, and a generous amount of Candy.

Additionally, dedicated event attendees can hunt for Special Backgrounds, earned by catching specific Pokémon during the Raid Battles. These coveted decorations are typically exclusive to in-person events, serving as a testament to a player’s prowess and dedication.

For those yet to join the fervor, Pokémon Go can be downloaded for free, allowing newcomers to immediately dive into the fray and start building their collection of these awe-inspiring creatures.

Ultra Beasts are a group of exotic Pokémon that were first introduced in the main series games “Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon.” These otherworldly Pokémon originate from the Ultra Space, a different dimension from the main Pokémon world. With their peculiar designs and unique typings, they’ve captured the interest of the Pokémon community since their debut.

Key Questions:

1. What are Ultra Beasts?
Ultra Beasts are a type of Pokémon known for their otherworldly appearances and origins from Ultra Space. They were introduced in the “Pokémon Sun” and “Moon” series and have unique stats and abilities.

2. How can players catch Ultra Beasts in Pokémon Go?
Players can catch Ultra Beasts by participating in five-star raids, completing Timed Research missions, or purchasing an Inbound from Ultra Space ticket for exclusive quests.

3. Are Ultra Beasts available worldwide?
While Ultra Beasts are available worldwide during the event, some of them are exclusive to certain hemispheres, encouraging player collaboration internationally.

Key Challenges and Controversies:

Exclusivity of Ultra Beasts: The fact that certain Ultra Beasts are only available in specific hemispheres could be a point of frustration for players unable to travel or connect with peers globally.

Pay-to-Win Concerns: The option to purchase the Inbound from Ultra Space ticket for exclusive rewards could be seen as an advantage to players who can afford to pay, potentially creating a pay-to-win atmosphere.


Increased Accessibility: The lift on Remote Raid limits allows more players to participate in catching Ultra Beasts, even from the comfort of their home.

New Content: The event adds exciting new content for current players, keeping the game fresh and engaging.

Collectability: Special Backgrounds and exclusive rewards offer players extra collectibles, increasing the game’s replay value.


Time-Limited Event: Players who cannot play during the event period might miss out on the opportunity to catch Ultra Beasts.

Additional Costs: The $5 price tag for the exclusive event ticket might exclude players who are unwilling or unable to pay for in-game benefits.

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